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Join our Community!

Nature's Schoolhouse welcomes anyone who is interested to submit an Interest Form. We will do our best to honestly and seriously consider whether we are the right fit for your student, and we encourage you to do the same.

We pride ourselves on our high student retention rates, but that often limits new student enrollments. To accommodate growing demand while maintaining our commitment to small class sizes and personalized attention, we are excited to announce the addition of one spot to each grade level in our school. This careful expansion ensures that we continue to offer the quality and community-focused education that defines our philosophy.

Enrollment for our 2024/2025 School Year is now open!

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*As an independent school, each family’s financial contribution to Nature's Schoolhouse is important and adds to the welfare of our community. The primary responsibility for financing a child’s education rests with the family, and we seek families who are committed to making this important investment in their child’s future. We also believe that an alternative education should be available to any child, regardless of financial circumstance, and we balance this belief with the practical realities of our school’s financial requirements and needs.

ENROLLMENT: Interest form

Interest Form

If you are interested in learning more about joining us, please fill out our interest form below. Once we receive and review your interest form, we will follow up with next steps. 

Does your child require any special services that you are aware of?
How did you hear about us?

Thank you for your interest! Please check your email for more info and next steps.

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