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Exploring Knowledge and Growth Every Day

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Kids Running


We nurture a dynamic and child-centered curriculum that integrates the strengths of many educational philosophies such as Waldorf, Charlotte Mason, and Forest School, alongside elements of traditional schooling. While our students often surpass standard benchmarks set by the state of Texas, it's important to note that we are not a rigorous academic program; instead, we prioritize creating a stress-free learning environment and focus on allowing children to learn at their own natural pace.

Outdoor Play

Research consistently demonstrates that outdoor play not only enhances children's physical health but also supports their social and emotional well-being. That's why we provide a rich variety of outdoor activities designed to foster both structured and unstructured play. These experiences encourage children to harness their creativity, cultivate a passion for exploration, and engage in hands-on learning experiences that deepen their connection with the natural world.

Art Class
Holi Festival

Mixed Age Learning

Research shows that mixed age classrooms promote social-emotional development, peer mentoring, and a deeper understanding of diverse perspectives. Interacting with peers of different ages helps children learn to collaborate, communicate effectively, and develop empathy. This approach creates a supportive community where each child's unique strengths are celebrated and nurtured.

Global Holidays & Cultural Traditions

We embrace cultural diversity through thematic units that explore holidays and cultural traditions from around the world. These units offer valuable learning experiences where children discover and appreciate different customs and global celebrations. Though our program operates out of a Methodist church, we do not align with any specific religion and maintain a secular approach that respects all backgrounds and beliefs.

Image by Ditto Bowo
Kids Playing Outside

Character Development

We utilize the CHARACTER COUNTS! curriculum to emphasize the importance of being a kind, caring human being. Character Counts uses its Six Pillars of Character: trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring, and citizenship as a foundational strategy. Besides promoting a focus on a positive school climate, other defining elements of our character development curriculum are intensive decision-making strategies, mindfulness, growth mindset, and behavioral change theories.

Nature Appreciation

We encourage our students to take time each day to practice purposeful appreciation for nature. We provide time for students to play, dig in the dirt, lay in the grass, build forts, chase bugs, and climb trees. On Fridays, we reserve time for them to journal about their daily experiences with nature and what it meant to them.

Discover a day in the life of a Nature's Schoolhouse learner! 

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