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Nature's Schoolhouse Team

Nicole Tomayko


Ms Nicole is our Director and the founder of our school.  Her youngest son was the driving force that led her to leave her career in technology and website operations, and open Nature's Schoolhouse. After guiding her three older children through the public and charter school systems, she knew her youngest son (and the entire community) needed something different. She is now committed to helping children explore and learn in a supportive, stress-free environment.

Nicole studied Journalism and Psychology at the University of Akron in her home state of Ohio, and is certified in School Administration. She moved to the Austin area in 2008 and enjoys spending time at all the local parks, lakes, rivers, and streams. 

Nothing brings her more happiness than seeing the growth and evolution of our students.

Ms Kacie is our amazing Lead Teacher. She graduated from Texas State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Education and is certified to teach Early Childhood Education, Elementary Education, and English as a Second Language. 

Kacie has long been a lover of nature and has always sought to share that love through education. This desire has led her down the alternative route of education. As she completed her schooling, she began to research different means of alternative education alongside her coursework, and she still likes to dedicate some of her spare time towards reading books of educational philosophers and alternative education practices. She also likes to dedicate time to rock climbing, gardening, writing, and playing the guitar.

Kacie Fenton


Gwen Tharp


Assistant Teacher

Ms Gwen brings a wealth of experience and passion to our community, having honed her skills as a preschool teacher, where she worked hard to foster a nurturing and creative learning environment. She is currently completing her teacher certification alongside her Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education

Ms Gwen's approach to teaching is grounded in creating a classroom environment where students are encouraged to explore their voices and embrace their individuality.

Outside of school, Gwen's enthusiasm extends to the world of dance. She has not only competed state-wide but also enjoys sharing her dance expertise with her students, adding another dimension to her dynamic approach.

School Nurse

Marcie, affectionately known as "Baba" by our students, is both our School Nurse and resident handywoman. She loves working with the children outdoors, inspiring them to forge their own paths. Always leading various projects around our campus, Marcie might be found building an outdoor sink, trimming tree branches to create shaded play areas, or reorganizing the gardens. 

Marcie Tomayko, RN

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